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DiSC Classic Profiles

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For over 30 years, DiSC Classic has been the go-to training and coaching solution for organizations seeking to improve teamwork, communication and performance. With proven reliability backed by 40+ million users and customizable applications, DiSC equips your people with actionable self-awareness to:

  • Strengthen understanding of workplace behaviors and communication preferences
  • Adapt behaviors to work more effectively with colleagues and clients
  • Reduce conflicts and ease frustrations
  • Improve relationships, trust and engagement
  • Promote appreciation for differences and strengths of team members

DiSC Classic delivers immediate, tangible improvements through expertly validated assessments and practical, workplace-focused reports. Participants gain ah-ha moments that inspire behavior change and skills development for results including:

  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Higher employee retention/satisfaction
  • Better leadership and people management
  • Successful change initiatives

Equip your organization with simple, powerful DiSC insights today. Contact us to learn more!