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Purchase Options Price
ROSE+ For AutoMate (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For AutoMate (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)
ROSE+ For CDK (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For CDK (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)
ROSE+ For DealerBuilt (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For DealerBuilt (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)
ROSE+ For Dealertrack (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For Dealertrack (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)
ROSE+ For Dominion (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For Dominion (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)
ROSE+ For PBS (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For PBS (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)
ROSE+ For Reynolds (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For Reynolds (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)
ROSE+ For Tekion (Monthly) $299.00 (Per Month)
ROSE+ For Tekion (Annually) $3,588.00 (Per Year)

ROSE+ is the ultimate service department analytics tool, providing a 360-degree view of your repair orders, sales opportunities, and customer trends.

Key Benefits:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses across Service Advisors with detailed performance tracking
  • Make confident, data-driven decisions based on deep analytics
  • Maximize advertising ROI by pinpointing your biggest customer acquisition channels
  • Instantly spot one item repair orders
  • Model pricing strategies to find the perfect balance of profit and competitiveness
  • Establish and track objective performance goals in real-time

Powerful Features:

  • Seamlessly integrates with all major DMS systems (CDK, Tekion, DealerTrack, etc)
  • User-friendly interactive reports allow filtering, sorting and visualization
  • Share reports securely with anyone inside or outside your dealership
  • Export data for further analysis

With ROSE+, you get the ultimate upgrade for complete visibility into the heart of your dealership - your service department. Transform chaotic repair order data into actionable insights for revenue growth and operational excellence.